Employee Owned But
Employers Risk “ ???

With over 60% of the IOT-connected devices in the world being consumer-owned, this results in over 9B devices that could be exploited / vulnerable and leveraged to pivot onto enterprise corporate networks.

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Visibility Or No Visibility, That Is The Risk???

A vulnerable employee owned device connected directly or indirectly to an enterprise’s corporate network, presents significant risk to the enterprises security posture as these devices provide cyber criminals new and unsecure entry points to the enterprises corporate networks.

Organisations therefore must be able to obtain visibility of these employee owned devices, understand how to secure these devices and be able to recognize and remediate all vulnerabilities that they face.

IOT Could Also Stand For Internet Of Risk????

An IoT device typically lacks the required built-in security to counter security threats. Common vulnerabilities and exposures allow cyber criminals to breach the device and use it as a foothold to launch sophisticated cyberattacks.

Significant IoT threats to devices include limited compute space to implement on-device security solutions, varied transmission technology, vulnerable components and the end users themselves Shadow detect enables enterprises to obtain instant visibility of the IOT devices that are connected to their employees home networks and provides insight into any vulnerabilities that these devices have.

This visibility then allows the enterprise to ensure that their employee’s home networks are secure and align into their wider internal cyber security strategy and posture. . .

You cannot protect what you cannot see.

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