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Shadow Detect is a unique, innovative and world’s first technology company with an extremely simple mission statement, to enable enterprises to have their employees work from home, but do so securely.

We have delivered on this mission statement by developing our appliance-based solution that is connected to an employee’s home network and on connecting, provides the employee but more importantly the enterprise with instant visibility of the devices that are connected to each employee’s home networks.

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An Iot World

In today’s modern world of smart “everything“, an employee household has at least 20+ devices connected to their home network at any one time and these connected devices present a new and more importantly unprotected entry point for bad actors to target and gain access to the employee’s corporate network.

Once deployed, Shadow Detect will identify the devices that are connected to the employee’s home network and critically what vulnerabilities these devices have that pose a threat to the enterprise, enabling the enterprise to make data-driven decisions on how they can enable their employees to work from home, whilst ensuring the employees home network aligns into their wider corporate cyber security strategy.

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24/7/365 Scanning

Shadow Detect offers an unparalleled solution for modern enterprises, providing continuous, round-the-clock visibility into every device connected to an employee’s home network.

This 24/7/365 days a year monitoring is achieved with minimal impact on network performance – in fact, the traffic generated by our monitoring system is less than that of the employee making a single Google search.

This efficiency is crucial in maintaining the normal operation of the employee’s home network, while ensuring that the network is secure and in turn, the enterprise’s corporate network is protected from attacks such as pivot attacks etc.

Once Shadow Detect has been deployed, both the employee and the enterprise gain full access to a comprehensive overview of the connected devices. This includes detailed insights into the vulnerabilities that may exist within these devices and crucially remediation advice on how to mitigate the risks that exist due to the vulnerabilities.

This guidance is tailored to address specific security weaknesses, enabling both employees and IT departments to take proactive steps in securing their devices. By empowering users with this knowledge, Shadow Detect plays a critical role in fortifying the overall cybersecurity posture of the enterprise.

Furthermore, the Shadow Detect platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that both technical and non-technical users can easily navigate and utilize its features.

 The Shadow Detect app has an intuitive interface which allows for quick
assessments and responses to potential threats, making cybersecurity management accessible
to all levels of users within an organisation.

Additionally, our system continuously evolves, adapting to new threats and incorporating the latest in cybersecurity advancements. This commitment to innovation means that enterprises partnering with Shadow Detect are always at the forefront of cybersecurity, equipped with the tools and knowledge to effectively safeguard their digital environments in an ever-changing landscape

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