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Shadow Detect is a world-first, comprehensive and versatile cybersecurity ecosystem designed to provide enterprises with the much-needed visibility of the devices and risks that exist within their employees home networks and ensuring that these home networks seamlessly integrate and align with the enterprise’s wider cyber security posture and strategy.

Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern enterprises, Shadow Detect provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface to identify the devices but more importantly, the vulnerabilities that exist within these devices, to ensure that enterprises can mitigate these risks quickly and easily.

Our platform not only offers real-time monitoring and protection against emerging threats but also equips your team with actionable insights and tools to proactively safeguard your corporate data and network against the risks that lie within your employee’s home networks.

Experience a new standard of cyber defence, where flexibility meets cutting-edge technology, ensuring your business stays secure and resilient in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our Platform

Enterprise grade platfom

Windows, Mac, IOS, Android & Web Apps

User-Friendly Interface with Actionable Insights

World's First Technology for Securing Enterprise Employee Home Networks

Shadow Detect’s dedicated and bespoke app has been built from the ground up with 4 core principles in mind, which are ease of use, granularity, user engagement and visibility.

The Shadow Detect application provides both the individual employee and the enterprise with the visibility of the devices and associated vulnerabilities that are present in each employee’s home network.

Once Shadow Detect has identified the devices,  Shadow Detect’s patent-pending scoring tool, will provide a view of the overall risk posture of each device and this includes providing key remediation advice and guidance on how the enterprise/employee can mitigate the risks emulating from these employee-owned devices.

Shadow Detect enables enterprises to secure their global employee's remote home networks

Large enterprise organisations continually have to adapt, fight and strengthen their approach to cyber security, as the expanding threat landscape accelerates at lightning speed.

The modern CISO needs to focus on an expanding attack surface created by digital transformation initiatives such as cloud adoption, IT/OT-IoT convergence, remote working and third-party infrastructure integration.

Demand for technologies and services such as threat intelligence and vulnerability visibility has been rising to tackle new vulnerabilities and risks arising from this exposure.

Demand for technologies that enable a secure remote and hybrid work environment will increase beyond 2023.

As organisations look to create secure work-from-home environments, they are exploring solutions that offer a quick return on investment.

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