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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the way we work is undergoing a transformation. The shift from traditional office spaces to the comfort of our homes has been both a boon and a challenge. As businesses globally embrace this change, the need for robust cybersecurity has never been more paramount.

About Us

Shadow Detect is a world’s first, unique and innovative cyber security company, founded by Roddy MacCallum, Yusuf Chauhdry, Gordon Higgins and Jonathan Mitchell.

The directors of the company are Yusuf Chauhdry and Ricky Pooran, with Roddy, Gordon and Jonathan all sitting on the board.

Founded in 2019, we created Shadow Detect with an extremely simple but critically important mission statement: To enable enterprises to allow their employees to work from home but to do so securely!

It is important to note that it was the founder’s vision and understanding of how work-from-home / work-from-anywhere was going to redefine how businesses deliver services to both their customers and employees that was the driving force behind creating Shadow Detect.

That being said, COVID accelerated the adoption of remote working in a way no one would have ever wanted nor could have expected, effectively delivering the largest shift in how labour is delivered since World War II.

This has resulted in every enterprise now being left exposed, as they have no way of protecting their corporate infrastructure from the risks that exist within their employee’s home networks and they have no visibility of the devices on these networks and you cannot protect against what you can’t see… This is where Shadow Detect comes in!

We enable enterprises to simply deploy a Shadow Detect into each of their employee’s home networks, which will in turn provide them with visibility of all of the devices and associated vulnerabilities that are connected to their employee’s home networks, before providing remediation guidance on how the enterprise and employee can take steps to ensure that these risks are mitigated before bad actors can target them to gain access to the corporate network.

Shadow Detect runs proprietary scans to enable us to achieve this world’s first technology, we align with all GDPR and privacy laws as we do not look at any personal data, IP or web traffic, we simply identify all of the devices on the user’s network and amazingly we can ensure that our technology is running 24/7/365 whilst having less impact of the user’s network than a google search being loaded on the network.

Shadow Detect, provides enterprises with the visibility of the risk that exists on their employees’ home networks.

Your employees no longer have to work from the shadows, deploy Shadow Detect.

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